Linux for pentesting,ethical hacking,secure,privacy,hardened,anonymized

  • 1) Based on UBUNTU mini 20.04.3 LTS and kernel 5.15.85 LTS
  • 2) fully customized xfce4 lightweight desktop with a special menu of tools
  • 3) Origin by Emperor-os and supported by an unidentified team
  • 4) Around 1000 pre-installed tools which are split into 40 several categories
  • 5) A security-centric free open-source Linux project
  • 6) A free open-source community project, Free (as in freedom)
  • 7) All Tools are imported from both Debian and Ubuntu repositories and the GitHub page

01 Audiences

The best Linux distributions for pentester, hacker or bug hunter, security researcher, malware analysis, beginner, and expert Linux and windows Cracker, White hat, Black hat, Grey hat, Elite hacker.

02 comparing with other linux features

Included specialized PC crime detection tools and also the ability to run Windows tools in Linux, such as deft and CAINE, Included Kodachi Linux features in the field of privacy and anonymity and security and privacy features of Discreete linux.Included all Attifyos Linux tools in the field of IoT penetration testing and even more with user-friendly interface and stressLinux tools in the field of stress testing and the Features of anonymity on the web such as IprediaOS distribution

03 comparing with other linux tools

Included all Parrot and kali Linux and Covers all Bugtraq, Samurai, santoku, BackBox, Pentoo Linux tools,Lighter and lower download file size despite the tools More than the Black Arch and dracos-linux distribution, Ability to boot live and also installation, compared to the deft Linux despite having all the tools of this distribution.

04 Collection of Tools

Huge collection of software applications for pentesting and ethical hacking. Easy to use and essential tools pre-installed proxy and privacy tools, many integrated development environments, and many setting tools.Cover many of the tools of the following site:

05 Devices and hardware compatibility

The best Linux distros for Laptops, PC, old PC, includes syslinux which is a suite of bootloaders, currently su pporting DOS FAT and NTFS file systems (SYSLINUX), Linux ext2/ext3/ext4, BTRFS, and XFS filesystems (EXTLINUX), PXE network boots (PXELINUX), or ISO 9660 CD-ROMs (ISOLINUX). Automatic enabling of the most scanner, printer,android,Bluetooth,NTFS-3G, X.Org X server drivers.

06 Operates at 9 different modes

The Predator-OS has 9 different modes and operates at the following modes for easy and faster access to all tools, also it is possible to change Linux Predator at defensive, offensive, privacy, hardened, secured, settings, and pentesting modes quickly.

Polymorphic Security Platform

A security-centric free open-source Linux project for penetration testing and ethical hacking and also you can use it as: privacy, hardened, secure, anonymized linux distro

Hardened & Secured Linux

It is a security-centric Linux and includes a kernel and user hardened with many features.

Privacy Linux

Predator-OS designed for protecting data against attacks
and aims at preserving privacy

Anonymized Linux

Provides an anonymous environment and includes anonymized features and tools.

Ethical hacking penetration testing

Designing for information security training Contains over 1000 tools.